Off the shelf products

Off the shelf products

Our “off the shelf products” are for innovative and qualitative value. They are the result of many years of experience in our Sport System district.

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This product is usually used in the upper ski boots band. It can be adjusted to webbing from 2cm to 2,5cm. It is always available in black and polished silver but it can be easily personalized.

Macro Rack

This is our most successful patent: the user has three easy regulations just moving the rack forward. The rack is available in various sizes and finishing.

Easy Buckle

We developed this buckle as a compact product. It is perfect for motor boots, ice skates, boots in general and accessories. It is available in polished and black but it can also be customized with logos and colors.


Always available there are the standard 4, 5, 6 teeth with customized finishes.

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